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What is testimony?

It entails sharing the good news of the power in the name JESUS. By telling one's story on how calling on the name JESUS brought deliverance.

Why should I share my testimony?

That others may know the efficacy in the name JESUS as a God given antidote to evil to the Glory of God.

I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will praise you. Psalm 22:22





Healing during UJER rally

Retired Superintendent of police, Brother Julius Kuete, was attacked by the small pox virus 5 days to the united JESUS Easter Rally (UJER) holding in suleja, Abuja zone. Consequently, it appeared that he would not be able to be at the rally. Incidentally he was the secretary to the planning committee of the rally.

On the morning of Easter Monday which was the rally day proper, some friends visited him at home to encourage him to attend the rally saying how could be involved in the planning of the rally and finally not attend. Based on their persuasion he accompanied them to the rally ground.

At 9am the program started. Bro. kuete sat in the car because of the highly infectious small-pox which was all over his body. By 10 minutes to 12noon, the atmosphere became highly charged and the venue “jam-packed” with people of various denominations; Pentecostals, Catholics, Methodist, White Garments Church Members, etc.

Brother Kuete was moved to come down from the car in order to join the throng. The chant of praises rent the air. By 12noon prompt, the shout of JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Into the air reached a crescendo he did not know what hit him, as he looked at his body the small-pox had disappeared leaving his skin as fresh as that of a baby. Some persons who with crutches threw their crutches into the air wholly healed. Nobody was prayed for, only the shout of the name JESUS freed people from the clutches of satanic forces leaving them including Superintendent Kuete healed.

Name: Brother Julius Kuete

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